Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bones Brigade

I used to skateboard, in middle school and high school. I wasn't anything near great, probably not even close to good, but I strongly enjoyed it. I spent more time in empty parking lots than I did in skate parks, however I did frequent the parks from time to time. More than anything else, I just liked to pop a cassette in my walkman (often special skate mix tapes I made) and shred around. All this came to an end in 2000, when I was 15, after a serious skateboarding accident (skull, meet concrete). I skated here and there afterwords, but it's safe to say my mom wasn't the most excited about me being back on a board.

I still have two boards, even rode them a few times in 2012, probably more than I have in the last ten years combined. Even though I hold no place in the skateboarding community, I'm still connected to it, still like it. A lot, actually.

Tonight I was in the mood for a documentary, wasn't really feeling the ones I had in my Netflix instant queue. Scrolling through other titles available, I saw Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, and knew my searching was over. I knew who the Bones Brigade were, seen the videos, knew the skaters, but I wasn't aware there was a documentary coming out, let alone that it was directed by Stacy Peralta.

110 minutes later, I'm floored. Without a doubt, the best docu I've seen all year. Yes, I'm drawn to the subject matter, I have an interest in it, but this is put together so incredibly well, and the story is told just perfectly. Not by our own fault, but we take so much in our lives for granted. We don't always think about how something came to be, or how monumental an achievement/moment/idea was when it wasn't already established. I'd go as far to say that my knowledge of skateboarding history is decent, not academic by any means, but sufficient. That knowledge was acquired through magazines, books, videos, and other skaters. Hearing it from the voices that lived it, the ones that wrote the book, if you will, is remarkable.

Find out for yourself, seek this one out.

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