Saturday, September 21, 2013


I'm one of those weirdos who can hear a song/album and instantly remember where I was when I heard it, who was with me, what the weather was like, how the air smelled, and sometimes, what I was wearing. Yeah, it's odd, but it's true. Try as I might, but I can't help associate certain albums with respective seasons.

Since the fall weather has finally rolled into town (which, by the way, is my favorite time of year), I figured why not put together a list consisting of the records I have the strongest nostalgia for when it comes to these months. This is not all of them, mind you. Just a nice little collection.

Click on the album artwork to hear a choice song from each.

Angry Johnny and The Killbillies What's So Funny?
There's a handful of albums that stayed in constant rotation for days, if not weeks (okay, more than a handful is a better way to put it). This is one of them. Bought it in October, listened to it for a least two straight weeks. More specifically, "High Noon in Killville" quickly became my most played track on iTunes (and I usually don't like to just listen to individual songs). Feels like a crime to listen to What's So Funny? on a warm, sunny summer day. Thanks to the film 11:14 for introducing me to Angry Johnny (the opening track, "All-American Girl," is used in the film and I anxiously sat through the credits to find out who sang it).

Arms Aloft Comfort At Any Cost
It was the day before Thanksgiving, I was still co-owner of a screen printing shop, and we had to ship a massive order before 6pm. As we were burning the screens, and in great timing, our power washer took a shit on us.  While I was frantic and stressed, Adam was getting ready to flea the shop to get a new one, not before he plugged in his iPod and said, "I'll only go if you listen to this." Assuming it was going to be his regular dose of metal, indie rock, or Rush, I was not prepared for what I was about hear. Sometimes I'll just put this EP on repeat and go for a long walk in the breezy fall nighttime, my favorite way to experience it. Oh, and for the record, we did ship the order on time. 

Bigwig Invitation to Tragedy
I remember going to The Exclusive Co. (which was in its previous location) on a Tuesday in September with nothing in mind, just looking for something new. Little to my knowledge, the new Bigwig came out that day, and I was stoked beyond belief. I hardly say "stoked" so take that as in indication how pumped I was. This record still makes me think of that old store; the uneven hardwood floors, the cool draft squeezing past the front door, the smell… That was a record store. Miss that place. 

The Misfits Static Age
Um… Because why wouldn't The Misfits show up on this list? If you're unsure why this would have connections to my favorite season, well, just go listen to it.

Osker Idle Will Kill
For their second release, Osker swapped out their rawness for a little more of a mature feel, which at first didn't sit well with me. After repeated listens, I was able to ignore the contrast, and appreciate the songs as they were. There's a certain mood to Idle Will Kill, that in a way I find depressing, which perfectly compliments gloomy autumn days. Still one of my go-to records when I'm down.

Slapstick Slapstick
I discovered Slapstick way later than I should have. These 25 songs could essentially be labeled the soundtrack to my junior year of high school. I could not get enough, and still can't all these years later. I associate driving my '88 Toyota Camry to work (at Cousin's Subs) during a downpour as the sun was setting with these songs. Still the best ska-punk record I've ever heard.

T.S.O.L. Dance With Me
Being a teenager and hearing Jack Grisham proclaim "I want to fuck the dead!" (in the song Code Blue) on Punk-O-Rama Vol. 2 was more than enough to catch my attention and want to hear more. It was just happenstance that I bought this record during the fall, as everything about it screams fall weather, but it is required listening.