Sunday, November 1, 2015


Since it's now November 1st, that means not only is Halloween past us (boo, sad face), but my 31 Days of Horror Scare-A-Thon has also come to a close. For my first year accepting pledges, I am most proud of what we were able to accomplish together! Thanks to the support of some truly amazing folks and my foolish idea of watching 40 movies this month, we were able to raise over $1,200 for Planned Parenthood and Reach Counseling Services! To that, I say BOOYAH! 

Below is a brief summary of the month, with links to the full breakdown of each week to satisfy your curiosity. That is, if you are curious. 

Thanks to everyone who pledged and supported this wild endeavor, and to both Planned Parenthood and Reach Counseling Services for their incredible and continued work! 

Total Films Watched: 40 (of 40)

First Time Views: 24

Decades of Horror Watched: 6 (1960s - 2010s)

Countries Represented: 10
Canada, Chile, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and USA

Most Movies in a Day: 5 (10/3)
Tattoo, Clown, Oculus, The AwakeningThe Keep

Twin Peaks Cameos: 3M├Ądchen Amick (Sleepwalkers), Jack Nance (The Blob), and Sheryl Lee (Vampires)

Favorite First Timers:
Atrocious, The Awakening, Clown, Sleepwalkers, Tattoo, The Ugly, When Animals Dream

Most Enjoyable Revisits:
City of the Living Dead, The Cottage, Detention, Frontier(s), Vampires

Least Favorite First Timer: Mama

Why Did I Watch This Again?: Night of the Demons (2009)


End of the month also means end of the Scare-A-Thon. And how'd I do?! The goal of 40 movies has successfully been achieved! Full recap of the entire month - with total amount raised for Planned Parenthood and Reach Counseling Services coming very soon.

But first, let's dive into the last round of viewings for the month.

29. ROMAN (2006) - First Time Viewing
Describing Roman as a morbid drama might be a little more accurate that labeling it a straight up horror movie. Actually, calling it a lo-fi, wannabe pretentious and art morbid drama would be better.

Roman is a loner who doesn't own a TV, works at a shit job, and likes to watch the girl who lives across the way (Kristen Bell). They have exhilarating conversations about how cans of pork and beans are assembled while Bell drinks her beer in a less than stellar fashion during her two scenes. Things start to get hot and heavy, and Roman kills her. He panics, hides the body, and now a different woman starts obsessing over him, but is he too haunted from the first girl to pursue a new one?

For those who enjoyed May (like myself), this is the film where May director Lucky McKee and actress Angela Bettis swap roles, McKee starting as the titular Roman and Bettis calling the shots. Roman could have made a decent short, however, it makes a lousy feature. At least with the script and execution we're given. It felt like a late '90s student film, at times trying to be somewhat experimental and abstract and more minimal than it should be. There were some nice music moments, though. I will give it that. Ultimately, the story isn't very fresh or stimulating, making for a dull, lack-luster experience.