Wednesday, September 30, 2015


For many moons now, I've turned October into (what I like to call) 31 Days of Horror. The goal - to watch 31 horror films during the month, at least 16 of them being first-time views. There's never really been a reason to do it other than just to have fun. This year, however, there is a reason. Well, actually two.

Following the lead of my good friend Aaron Christensen, I am using this year's quest as a fundraiser, a Scare-A-Thon. What does this mean? Well, much like a walk-a-thon, I am accepting pledges of any amount for the movies I'm watching. Instead of 31, though, I am aiming to sneak in 40 fright flicks. The idea is that is someone were to pledge, say, $0.10 per movie and I succeed in hitting my target number (40), that would equal a total donation of $4.00.

But what a minute, a donation to where? Remember how I said there are two reasons for this year's 31 Days of Horror? In doing this Scare-A-Thon, I am raising money for two organizations I firmly believe in and want to support. First is Planned Parenthood, who provides vital health care and education to women and men all over the country, and the Fox Valley's Reach Counseling Services, who strives to end sexual violence and promote healing in our community.

I'll be posting as I go, probably weekly, and giving quick thoughts on what I've watched. If you're interested in pledging, it's never too late. Just let me know and I'll reach out with all the info.

Here's to a great and safe Halloween season, friends!

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